To pursue our mission we use for types of resources: human, knowledge, networks and infrastructure.


Our people are the strategic thinkers when planning a solution, they are the heart and soul in our customer relationships, and they are the actors behind our ability for high-quality service delivery. Our management team is no exception, setting the pace and leading the way.

Innovatia Systems follows a matrix organisation. This is a flexible scheme that emphasises co-ordination and management of project teams. In this way, and following the provisions of our Project Management System, we can organise and manage skilled project teams according to individual project requirements. The project team is everything to us.


Since we begun our individual professional careers, we have accumulated knowledge and we have built considerable absorptive capacity. Through the last two decades we have strengthened our knowledge base through in-house experimentation, practice and projects in the following fields:

Value creation through innovation

Innovation Management

We have a strong background in innovation theory and an impressive track record in its application within a variety of contexts ranging from managing the organisational change upon the introduction of new computer systems to university spin-off business model generation and business planning. We understand innovation as a process that can be managed through the application of appropriate procedures within its four phases. We have developed dedicated diagnostic tools to help organisations understand their strengths and weaknesses in each phase and improve their innovation performance.
The PRINCE2 model 

Project Management

We have always been an organisation that was optimised for project design and execution.
Our point of differentiation versus the competition is that our core team is involved in all stages of a project’s life-cycle, from inception to closure. We have developed an in-house project management system that is based on the PRINCE2 methodology. Our quality assurance system is built around this PMS.We manage our clients’ projects in the same way that we manage ours. Our extensive project management skills have been used several times by our clients to put projects in dire straights on track.
 The ITILv3 model

ICT Systems Design

We use a systems approach to elaborate software requirements specifications and prepare, if needed, complete calls for tender that address all stages of an ICT system’s integration in the context of any organisation.

We use the best practices described by the ITILv3 methodology as a guide and the relevant IEEE Software Engineering Standards to specify what and how has to be done at each stage.

We also provide consulting services to organisations so that they implement the ITILv3 methodology within ther IT departments.

 Our strategic management model

Strategic Management

Organisations use variable approaches and methods to formulate their strategies and direct their strategic management activities. Despite the differences in the detail and in the degree of formalisation, the basic components of the models used to analyse strategic management operations are quite similar.

We have developed and fine-tuned over time a Strategic Management Model (SMM) and we have put it into action for both private and public sector organisations. We implement this model according to the specific case assigned following the sequence of the major components of the strategic management process, therefore taking into account the sequential nature of the different parts of the process, the change of the factors affecting the performance of the organization and the fact that this process is regarded as a dynamic system.

We also stress during the formulation of the SMM process the need for the management to be involved in it in order to gain maximum commitment and to sustain the model’s outcomes over time


Our network of collaborations 

Building sustainable collaboration networks is one of the elements of our growth strategy.

We understand our projects as opportunities to learn, share and co-develop for mutual benefits and we have build our formal and informal relationships accordingly over time. Therefore, making a clear distinction between collaborator and client status is rather difficult.

Financing and Support Measures

We benefit from various state-aid measures to finance our in-house research & development and improve our overall competitiveness.