Our value-creating activities are linked to our capabilities. They can be classified in four major streams: Systems design; system implementation and integration, project management services and consulting services.

We are specialised in several tasks that would incur high internal costs for clients if done in-house. We have also accumulated knowledge that can create value for our customers if shared. Our consulting services aim at bridging needs- and solution-information at a total cost that is significantly lower for our clients. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • providing information to a client after data acquisition and analysis;
  • making a diagnosis, which may necessitate problem redefinition;
  • analysing options and making recommendations;
  • solving a client’s problem.

Our core consulting activities include:

Data Analysis

Smart Specialisation

Operational Planning for Knowledge-Intensive Organisations

(Big) Data Analysis

Elaboration of Knowledge-Driven Development Policies

By combining our knowledge on Innovation Theory and Strategic Management Modeling we help start-ups and spin-offs develop, test and execute tailor-made business models that aim at value generation and maximisation of the value captured.

We have worked with distinguished scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs and helped them transform their intellectual property into profitable businesses by providing our skills in understanding the dynamics of value chains and identifying critical requirements in complementary assets.

Although the context is always different, thus requiring a custom approach per case, the rules for profiting from innovation are the same. Our spin-off/start-up portfolio includes more than 10 sucessful ventures in a diverse range of sectors.

We  can process huge amounts of data to extract valuable information for our clients. We master statistics, time-series analysis, forecasting and statistical signal processing and have plenty of scientific software in-house to support our data analyses.

Very recently he have developed a toolset for the analysis of geo-temporal associations in data.

Our clients have used our data analysis services in very diverse fields ranging from inventory management to research assessment in higher education.

Our Innovatia Systems Science Profile service that is available since 2010 is a very vivid example of our capabilities in this field.

By combining our knowledge on Innovation Theory, and Strategic Management and Data Analysis  we help public authorities develop evidence-based, relevant, coherent and effective knowledge-driven development policies.

Since 2013 we have actively participated in the elaboration of research strategies for smart specialisation (RIS3) in three Greek and two European Regions.

We were also in charge on the development of the smart growth related content of three Regional Operational Programmes in Greece.