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RIS3Thessaly Action Plan

After two months of hard work, 952 contributions in the framework of the entrepreneurial discovery process, four large events with unprecedented stakeholder participation and a public consultation, we delivered on 30.12.2015 the final version of the RIS3 Thessaly Action Plan.


RIS3 in Anatoliki Makedonia-Thrake: Methodology and Results

In June 2014 we presented at the 20th IEEE/TMC International Conference on Engineering, Technology and Innovation in Bergamo a methodological paper that summarises the approach that was followed to elaborate the priorities of the Regional Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialisation (RIS3) of the Region of Anatoliki Makedonia-Thrake (GR). You can download...


Innovatia Systems Science Profile

Since late 2012 we have been busy in finetuning our new service, the Innovatia Systems SCIENCEPROFILE. This service provides an evidence-based assessment of the knowledge supply at any territorial level, thus supporting the process of elaborating Regional Innovation Strategies for Smart Specialisation (RIS3). The SCIENCEPROFILE works on properly fused heterogeneous data...


System Design


We use formal methods to acquire requirements and elaborate system blueprints.

System Devel


We implement and validate systems according to specs.

Project Management

a gantt chart

We manage projects throughout their life-cycle.

Data Analysis

number crunching

We crunch the numbers to help you make evidence-based decisions.

Open Innovation

open innovation

We practice open innovation so that we can benefit from the best, and contribute our best.